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 Solutions Customized for Your NEEDS...

R Cummings Consulting Corp Is a full-service consulting company based in Springfield Gardens, NY. Offering specialized highly customized solutions for businesses to businesses or customer to client, no matter how big or small the job. With our powerful resources from the relationships and experiences built over time. 

We have a private consulting available to assist your problems, Covering all areas, Providing many different services such as:

 (Fire Restroration)  -Water,Mold and Asbestos- 

 (Constuction)  -Commercial and Residential- 

 (Painters) - Exterior & Interior

 (Real Estate)-New homes,Short Sales and Fore Closure

 (Personal Training) 

 (Life Health Coach)

 (Car services) - Local & Long Distance

 (Artist Development)

 (Live Dj's) -All Genres

 (Model Managenment)